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Clarks Beach Byron Bay


 The Sydney Morning Herald

The Sydney Magazine 30/9/2010

"The simple but beautifully renovated two-bedroom cottage is literally perched on the dunes - a narrow strip of reeds and low bush is all that separates your breakfast table from the beach - with sweeping views across the bay towards Mount Warning and the far north coast hinterland....The result is a stylish light filled space ....The indoor - outdoor configuration is designed for endless lounging about ..."


The Weekend Australian 5/12/2010"

"Our hosts (NPWS) are justifiably proud of these buildings. the design is outstanding and every effort has been made to maximise environmental sustainability....

Mildenhall closest to the water and the largest of the cottages, is a stunning collaboration between an imaginative architect and great source material. The house opens out to embrace the beach  and ocean just beyond its doors. It's modern, sleek and light but, like Thomson  cottage, retains the feel of a beach shack....

The house is light and airy; doors off the kitchen, living area and main bedroom fold back to expose the wide wooden deck and spectacular view beyond. ..."



Ms Wilkinson

August 2008

"A note of appreciation Graeme and Elan, and to say how happy I am with the sunroom extension ... I feel certain that without your contribution, the building might never have materialized.

Though it was such a small job for you, it meant a great deal to me, particularly in getting the Iook I hoped for. Many Thanks, Gayle W."

RESTORATION WORK AT THE BYRON BAY LIGHT STATION FOR THE DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE AND NATIONAL PARKS AND WILDLIFE. Graeme Barr Architects were head consultants with electrical, hydraulic and structural engineers in the team.


"The consultants completed their engagement and provided excellent service and quality documents. I would therefore not hesitate in recommending them for future engagement."  

Time Management                                            Good
Management &Suitability of Project Personnel   Superior
Management of Subconsultants                       Good
Standard of Service                                           Superior
Quality Management and Systems                    Good
Cooperative Relationships                                Superior

(Five categories with Good and Superior the 2 highest categories)


L. C

Byron Bay



" Thank you Graeme!

Only merlot moments from now on :o) "



Mr and Mrs Hope


July 2004

Comments by the Master Builder of the residence, Phil Anstey, Phil Anstey Designer Homes.

"Graeme Barr exhibited a high standard of  Architectural skill in this project. The plans of the project were excellent and easy to read and follow. Plans were computer generated, by software called Archicad. The usage of this software was very professionally carried out by Graeme Barr and accurately reflected the site conditions and the method in which the structure was to be built on the site.

Graeme Barr was always available to co-ordinate the numerous modifications the owner made and update design information when required throughout the project. In addition Graeme Barr was able to produce material and quantity lists to supplement the design/working drawings which assisted our operations in estimating and ordering. Graeme Barr provides a professional architectural service at a very high standard (we often see his work pass through this office for tendering purposes). Such projects have easily exceeded one million dollars  as costed and reflect his skills in design, presentation and final documentation for building purposes. "



Mr and Mrs King

Nov 2002


Thankyou for taking on our project and completing to our full satisfaction. We are delighted with the end result. This is just a short token of our appreciation for your enormous talent.


Mr and Mrs King"


There was considerable public support for our entry in the design competition for the new $39million Christchurch Art Gallery in New Zealand. Some examples of public comments:

Mr Peter Savage 

May 1999

The Press (Christchurch newspaper) 14/05/1999

"Sir-The mere addition of blue stone cladding to the exterior of the winning design for the new art gallery will not satisfy the critic's objection to a structure lacking elegance and failing to reflect its proximity to heritage buildings.

Graeme Barr's people friendly proposal, however, brilliantly combines old and modern styles.

Therefore the council should note Barr's design, with its welcoming porticos, central dome, and charming courtyard garden with outdoor sculptures has enormous appeal, and its potential for lasting inspiration."

Mr C.J. Ebbett

June 1999

"....After appraising the design options forwarded, in my mind one design stood out as being far more representative of what I perceive as the 'Christchurch style' and offering a medium for the regions artisans to display their skills,-this was the submission of Barr and Associates.

I would like to think that this is a decision of the Council that could be revisited and perhaps more public opinion sought."

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